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Figame.com is a corporate travel management company that seeks perfection in all services and products it provides the corporate travel market with.

Technology plays a central part in this evolution. Figame.com has a unique methodology in approaching corporate clients. We create customizable products for each corporate client’s specific needs.

It is quite usual to have a standard corporate booking tool and a travel agency trying to adapt the needs of the corporation to the features of the OBT.

In Figame.com we start the other way around. We start from the customer needs. The process of sales starts with a close analysis of the needs of the client and we set a specific timeframe when the full functionalities asked will be ready. As a leading corporate travel management company, Figame.com sees the customer satisfaction as the unique objective and as a unique mean to make our services a valuable proposition. That is why we put so much attention to it.

For the services provided we use major GDSs, direct connections with carriers, ferries APIs, trains APIs, car rental from the vast majority of car rental companies. The booking system is set and running. It is mature, well tested and up in the market for many years. From then on the clients’ needs department takes place and after several meeting we come to the solution of www.corporatefigame.com that would be more valuable for the corporation.

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Then the development phase comes. Our experienced developing team creates a final product set for all needs. Every special travel need of our corporate clients is filled and then a final product, fully customized for every client, is at the disposal of the corporation. Our product has as many versions as the needs of our clients. Fully flexible, fully agile ready for use. From Figame.com “the hardest working corporate travel management company in the world”.