How to join as a Traveller

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As a traveller you won’t be able to to sign up by yourself. The manager have to add/invite you to join. But don’t worry! Once the manager of your company add you in, in a few easy steps you will be ready to book your flight tickets, hotel rooms and cars.

Step 1

When a manager adds a traveller in our tool, a confirmation/invitation email will be sent to the traveller to activate his/her account, and access his/her profile.

traveller invitation email from
Invitation Email

Step 2

In this email you can see who invited you to join and a link that will redirect you to the activation page.

activation page for the traveller in
Activation Page

Step 3

In activation page you must set your own personal password and click “Confirmation” button. This will be the password you will use with your personal email to login

Step 4

Now all you have to do is to login using your credentials (email and password).

traveller's dashboard from
Traveller’s Dashboard

And that’s it! Now you are ready.


As a traveller you won’t have access to all of corporatefigame’s services. Some of them are only accessible from the manager’s profile. But more on that on a different guide!

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