Christmas wishes from CEO

a merry christmas card from figame

2020 was a rather challenging year for the whole planet. We faced unprecedented situations that no one could predict. And the main victim were human lives. What can be worse than that? It made us all reconsider the fundamentals of life. It made us think what really matters and what is our role. What should we pay attention to and what are the moments that are really precious.

2021 begins with a totally different momentum. We can already feel that we are going through the last stages of this pandemic. My personal prediction is that by April we will all say that the worst part has already passed and from then on everything is going to be better. Better in all terms. Better in human lives, better in financials, better in human priorities.

Lets consider COVID19 as a sort of present that made us wake up. That made us better persons. More caring, more wise.  Financials will get better and worse again many times in this cycle that is called economy. But human lives that left unfairly will not come back. Lets become, in 2021, the best version of ourselves. No business talks and not uplifting statements at this stage. Lets just be better persons.

From all the team of

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Mike Koumartzakis


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