When will corporate trips restart?

18 month will be needed for the full return of Corporate Trips volume in Greece and Cyprus! Corporate travel is confronted with the nightmarish consequences of COVID-19 Companies have stopped their business trips  almost completely, for about 3 months now and the industry is suffering. Huge cuts are foreseen and a large contraction of Greek travel companies in the field of corporate travel. The damage has already been done. It… Read More »When will corporate trips restart?

What Happens If I Get Covid-19 on My Holidays in Greece?

Greece conducted more that 6,500 tests for Covid-19 at airports across the country on the first day it re-opened its borders to travelers on Wednesday, with the first 250 samples coming out negative, airport and health authorities said on Thursday. But what happens if you do come down with Covid-19 while you are on holiday in Greece? According to guidelines issued by the National Public Health Organization (EODY) and the health ministry the following applies: – Once a visitor feels unwell… Read More »What Happens If I Get Covid-19 on My Holidays in Greece?