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14 Business Travel Tips for Frequent Corporate Travelers

Business travel tips Business Travel Packing Tips Use only carry on bags. Lugging a large suitcase through a foreign city or having your luggage lost before your destination is no way to start a business trip. So ack light to keep all your belongings in your allotted carry on bags. Keep essentials packed between trips. Having extra toiletries, chargers, office supplies and business cards already in your bag can save… Read More »14 Business Travel Tips for Frequent Corporate Travelers

newsletter about launches the 1st Greek Corporate Booking Tool!

Here in, we used the COVID19 low sales period, to come with new advanced services in the market. And we are now very happy to introduce to the Greek market From today on, all the companies, with physical presence in Greece, will have the opportunity to book online their corporate trips. Why? Because they will! is a software that will make corporate travel convenient, easy and less… Read More » launches the 1st Greek Corporate Booking Tool!

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Bleisure Travel – The new trend of Corporate trips

 The new trend of Corporate trips, is Bleisure. Borders between work and personal time continue blurring, and so do borders between business and leisure trips. High tech nomads working from sea front rooms in Marrakech, cooperate with white collar businessmen in Manhattan. No one can tell when it is exactly business or exactly leisure. Because it is never the one or the other exclusively. Bleisure travel, the new trend of… Read More »Bleisure Travel – The new trend of Corporate trips

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Safe Corporate Trips during COVID19

safe corporate trips covid19 safe corporate trips covid19 How should your corporation travel during COVID19? Some borders are closed. Many flights schedules have been slashed. A lot of us are postponing the trips we’d been looking forward to. Safety is the first priority. But should corporate trips stop? Certainly not. When important, they should be done but always strictly controlled and certainly limited.  Safe corporate trips during COVID19 is an objective.… Read More »Safe Corporate Trips during COVID19

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Christmas wishes from CEO

Christmas Christmas 2020 was a rather challenging year for the whole planet. We faced unprecedented situations that no one could predict. And the main victim were human lives. What can be worse than that? It made us all reconsider the fundamentals of life. It made us think what really matters and what is our role. What should we pay attention to and what are the moments that are really precious.… Read More »Christmas wishes from CEO

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In 10 steps – How to select a corporate travel agency

Selecting a Corporate travel agency is the most important 3rd party selection you have to do for your company. Corporate travel (T&E) is the second largest controllable expense after payroll. It is not an easy decision to make. A large number of companies conduct travel RFPs every one or two years. Corporate travel agency is not just any travel agency. It is not leisure tourism. Corporate travel management companies need… Read More »In 10 steps – How to select a corporate travel agency

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Why should YOU use a Corporate Travel Agency?

Some companies don’t have significant travel needs. One of the simplest ways of increase traveling costs and reduce service level is  deciding to handle all the travel related tasks internally. Focus on getting the fundamentals in order. Don’t get distracted from corridor talks. Do a cost / service analysis and based on this decide. Cost and service level analysis are the factors that guide you. Do you need a corporate… Read More »Why should YOU use a Corporate Travel Agency?

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When will corporate trips restart?

corporate trips 18 month will be needed for the full return of Corporate Trips volume in Greece and Cyprus! Corporate travel is confronted with the nightmarish consequences of COVID-19 Companies have stopped their business trips  almost completely, for about 3 months now and the industry is suffering. Huge cuts are foreseen and a large contraction of Greek travel companies in the field of corporate travel. The damage has already been… Read More »When will corporate trips restart?

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What Happens If I Get Covid-19 on My Holidays in Greece?

Greece conducted more that 6,500 tests for Covid-19 at airports across the country. On the first day it re-opened its borders the first 250 samples came out negative, according to the airport and health authorities. But what happens if you do come down with Covid-19, while you are on holiday in Greece? According to guidelines issued by the National Public Health Organization (EODY) and the health ministry the following applies: – Once a visitor feels unwell he notifies the hotel manager,… Read More »What Happens If I Get Covid-19 on My Holidays in Greece?